The Event Gatekeepers’ Guide (The EGG)

…a.k.a. The EGG

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There’s a special skill to hosting an event…planning, training, volunteers, establishing committees, decorating, food prep, setting up entertainment…the list is endless!  And, when the event is a community-sized celebration – that’s where Michigan Festivals & Events Association (MFEA) comes in!!

Over the past 20 years, serving as Executive Director of MFEA I have seen the need for an educational manual for our community volunteers/gatekeepers’ serving to make their event the best ever.  After all, we simply would not have a community festival/celebration if it were not for the gatekeepers.  Finally, thanks to a grant from Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs and National Endowment for the Arts -our opportunity has been realized as we introduce you to The Event Gatekeepers’ Guide…better known as “The EGG”.

What I thought would be a dozen chapters – perhaps a bakers dozen…the EGG continues to expand as many authors and event planners from the industry have come forward to assist in writing chapters and sharing their expertise and experiences.  I envision the EGG to be a “work in progress” document for quite some time.  Trends in the event industry are changing rapidly – allowing for continuous updates as well as true-to-life experiences for those of you working in the trenches of your event.  Today’s technology will allow the EGG to be accessible from the MFEA website…allowing up-to-date changes to reflect the latest trends and opportunities.  In essence:  What’s New – What’s HOT! HOT! HOT!

Events have changed the world and, in fact our lives.  The celebrations have left treasures of memorable moments as we celebrate our history, heritage, culture, harvest and vast waterways …truly Michigan’s Four Seasons in Celebration!!  And now, we can extend the event experiences for our audience and sponsors with the increasing amount of content being made available to mobile phones and – who knows what other technological must-haves in the future!!

We hope you will enjoy the “EGG” – quoted as being “eggcellent”.  Use it if you are feeling “a bit scrambled” at times in planning your event.  And please, don’t let a “hard egg” interrupt your creative mind set.  Here’s to serving your community and guests, the best on the menu of hospitality and fun – while providing a very positive economic impact to your community and state!

Party On ~ MI Friends!

Sue Bila, CFEE
Executive Director

NoteA special invite…please contact the MFEA office if you would like to share in the future content of the EGG.

Please click this link for a preview of the EGG with the complete 1st Chapter included.